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Equip yourself with the latest news and information across HR to make sure your workplace is pushing to create a better world. This month’s episode, sponsored by Fidelity, will cover the latest that you need to know within the world of HR and 2021. Led by Emily M. Dickens, Chief of Staff, Head of Government Affairs and Corporate Secretary at SHRM, hear from Asha Srikantiah, VP and Head of Student Debt Program at Fidelity on the important role that benefits programs, specifically student debt repayments, have in workforce development and rebuilding the economy. Then hear from Emily M. Dickens on the new administration and workplace policy updates you need to know and a discussion on the COVID vaccine and continuing updates on what it means from the workplace in a conversation with Amber Clayton, Director of the Knowledge Center at SHRM.


March 9th, 2021
2pm ET